Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{ Laughter }

He's sitting kitty-corner to me at the dining room table, shaking with laughter so hard it's silent, face contorted and red with hysteria, forgotten sandwich still in his hand.

I'm gasping for breath, trying over and over to get the next word out between gales of laughter, not sure which is funnier--the blog post I'm reading out loud or Mike's reaction to it.

It hits me suddenly, and my stomach lurches with the realization and the sinking feeling:
When did we stop laughing?

I hadn't even noticed before. But this--me and Mike, sitting down, fooling around, sharing a funny website in the middle of a jam-packed Saturday--I don't remember the last time that happened. We're too busy for things like this. We have schedules and meetings and lots of commitments taking up the always-too-short days, and we're responsible and trustworthy and hardworking and we do what needs to be done and fall in bed exhausted late at night, only to do it all over again the next day. But we don't do this. We don't pause between the sixty-two Very Important Things slated for the day, take 15 minutes to relax together between the crush of responsibilities and activities and laugh ourselves silly over a new comedian I found. We just don't.

Mike and I, we both have a tendency to let the "cares of the world" choke us. Myself much more than Mike; he's a champion of "we are going to stop the Very Important Things we are doing and have date night." But me? I didn't even realize how serious, how goal-oriented, how lifeless my approach to life has become 'til I shared a long round of tummyache-inducing laughter with my husband. I said a little prayer of repentance in my head and, once we had sufficiently recovered our breath, I launched into another blog post--not just repentance with words, but repentance with deeds!

 Later that night over dinner, Deborah and I marvel as we watch our husbands render themselves helpless with laughter over and over again. They were roommates before we got married, Kevin and Deborah's wedding just three weeks after ours. Deborah and I grin at their joy and I shake my head: "I'd forgotten how good these two are for each other. We need to get together more often!"

Laughter, you are welcome in our home. Surprise us. Entice us. Don't let us shut you out.


  1. This post resonates with me so much. It is so easy to let laughter wait and then not notice it is gone. I love being silly with Tim, but I was noticing just the other day that it doesn't happen as often anymore. Thanks for sharing and thereby reminding. The blog you refer to, I checked it out. Wow! I can so relate.

  2. Such a good reminder to laugh - I love it. Thanks for sharing the funny website - he is hilarious! Might try read it to Neal and get some good laughs out! :)

  3. This post is so timely for me as I have felt convicted in the past couple weeks that I am not sillier with my kids. And just for the record, few people can make me laugh like you do, Mrs. Mike dear. xoxo

  4. Well said, Nikki! Isn't it sad how life just sorta plows through and robs us of such moments. I believe business is satan's greatest tool, one he uses often, even on our littlest ones. We are in a fight for family, one I plan to win. Sounds like you are winning too! :) Your posts always leave me amazed at your deep and profound, yet heartfelt thoughts. Hugs girly, T