Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{ Cake Pops }

For your prayers, comments, and just for being with me in this, thank you.
It's always with a bit of trepidation that I hit "publish" after writing a bare-my-soul sort of post like the last one. A blog is such a public forum, so beyond my control: Every word I write is available for anyone to see. As a girl who struggles with authenticity and vulnerability, who has spent decades trying to convince other people she's perfect, this is a good exercise for me. Nerve-wracking at times, but good. Thank you all for the grace you've extended to me, for reading and responding and being part of this journey I'm on.

For today, I'm moving on to something a little lighter and oh-so-delicious:
Cake pops!

Have you heard of cake pops? Have you ever had one? Ohhhhh mercy, they are good!! A few months ago, one of my coworkers brought in some Starbucks cake pops. I had never heard of such a thing: Little balls of deliciously dense, sweet, moist cake in a hard candy shell, all on a popsicle stick. Yum! I was hooked. I hardly ever go to Starbucks....who am I kidding, I don't go out much period, and I thought these were just one of those amazing little Starbucks-only treats that reminds me why they're the king of coffee shops.

Last Sunday I went to a baby shower, and...what's this? Cake pops! Two platters of them! But not the Starbucks kind. I couldn't find the hostess fast enough to ask her where she got them, and lo and behold: she had made them. I hope my eyes didn't pop out of my head--I can make these? I can have luscious little cakes-on-a-stick anytime I want? Any flavor? Any time? Me? And my new friends cake pops? Yes!!

As a result of this revelation, I've been scouting the internet for cake pops, and you know what? I'm late to this party. Apparently cake pops {or cakesicles, whichever you like} swept the blogging world by storm a few years ago {I've seen a few people credit Bakerella with lighting this fire--you can see her initial cake pops post here}, and I completely missed it. Things are probably better this way, considering that I'm concerned about my ability to fit into my bathing suit next month as it is. But you can bet your boots that once we're back from Kauai, I'll be trying to justify baking up a new variation of cake pops for all kinds of events! Take a peek at some of the glorious, mouthwatering, sweet-tooth-pleasing, eye-candy worthy cake pops I've found: 

The internet is positively bursting with cake pops recipes: Here, here, here, and here {this last is an entire website dedicated to cake pops recipes--be sure to take a look!}, to name a few.

Have you had cake pops? Have you made cake pops? What's your favorite recipe? Any tricks for a newbie?


  1. Had 'em, LOVED 'em, never attempted to make 'em. Let me know how it goes? I have lots of little "helpers" around here always wanting to do a baking project. :)

  2. OH, and about the bare-your-soul part? I was so there this week. (as you know) :) Kinda like letting people look into your underwear drawer or something. Keep it up, I love hearing where you are in your journey....