Monday, December 13, 2010

{ a theory }

if you fall asleep while getting your eyebrows waxed, you're either really tired or the beanbag-hand-warmer and heated foot pillow totally relaxed you. and if you've only been awake for six hours when you fall asleep while hot wax is ripping hair off your face, i'm going to have to choose option two.

if only they had done a better job shaping my eyebrows, i'd go back and test this theory...


  1. u really truly fell asleep?
    hehe oh Niki... only you girl :)

    ps. M and I were talking about accents the other day and the way he says "i'm austraylan" while I say it 'all proper and english like!" and I told him how you and your aussie accent certainly put mine to shame :) hehe
    love those memories of our car trip into Seabrook!

    Merry Christmas Mrs Mike (+ Mr Mike)

  2. KT you're alive!!! You survived the last-minute wedding stresses and made it through your honeymoon and you're back in blogland! Yay!!!

    I like that you are "all proper and English like." I'd expect nothing less from a lady such as yourself. ;-)

    Merry Christmas to Mr. and Mrs. CM!!

  3. yeah I'm alive!!

    back at work and just swamped under piles of boxes but alive :)

    Can't wait to start blogging again and catching up with everyone!