Thursday, December 2, 2010

{ Now that's the Christmas spirit!!...I think }

Over the weekend, my husband and I went to a nursery that is famous (in the local sense, anyway) for its Christmas decorations: 32 themed Christmas trees, each in its own area, surrounded by dozens of dazzling, coordinating ornaments. We went last year as well, and had so much fun meandering through the Christmas glitz and glitter and picking out an ornament for our first Christmas as Mr. + Mrs.

This time, we'd browsed nearly the whole premises when we turned a corner and saw a most unexpected message, spelled out in alphabet blocks on a shelf just at eye level. I imagine some teenage boy, out of his mind with boredom, happened upon this display. It originally read, "JOY PEACE BELIEVE," but he realized that, with a little rearranging and a block or two from the neighboring shelf, a much more....ahem...lively message could be communicated:

Our mirth was uncontainable.

I'll remember that message every time I go ornament shopping for the rest of my life!

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