Tuesday, October 5, 2010

{ Today }

Today, Lord, it is hard:

hard to sift "wants" from "needs"

hard to balance thankfulness for today's daily bread--Your incredible abundance!--with desires for the future

hard to discern the godly and practical from the selfish and lazy as I dream of tomorrows

hard not to think that the grass is greener in tomorrow than today

hard not to be impatient

It's hard to see my life with Your eyes, Lord: I feel like I'm struggling, thickly veiled, to see today as You see it. How can I see my life as the string of eternal Todays that it is for You, outside the trappings of time? I ask for grace. I want to give thanks in all circumstances, not just those that are pleasant or those whose purposes I easily understand as "good." I want to be thankful for every jot and tittle of these days, to be thankful for every morsel of the life you've given me, even if it does not seem good to me.

...give thanks in all circumstances... 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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  1. oh nikki...this is beautiful...praying for you friend...that you might be able to give thanks with JOY!