Friday, April 16, 2010

{ this weekend: 27 }

Happy Birthday to me!
I hope you all have a perfectly beautiful weekend. Sunshine and laughter and flowers and time with the people you love, that's what I wish for you.
I expect I'll be pretty busy, with the "Day of Relaxation" Mike has planned for me tomorrow and a birthday party on Sunday, but I can't resist posting this lovely image. I wish I could claim it as my own...ranunculus, I love thee!

{image from Design*Sponge}


  1. I guess everyone wished you a happy b-day on Facebook!

  2. I thought of you this weekend specifically when I saw a book at the island library called Mrs. Mike. :) I hope you had a beautiful weekend!

  3. ... so tell us all about it friend... I wanna hear..

  4. Ok, so what happened??? We're all still waiting to hear about it my dear girl.

  5. totally wanting to hear too.. keep checking in...

    miss your witty little posts... so very much.

  6. Missing you around here. Guessing you are swamped with Redemption Group...and your Dad's there and probably a crazy work shedule, huh?
    Are you and Mike still planning to come for Farm Chicks? We are so looking forward to putting you up in our pretty guest room/feeding you/ and making sure you have a really restful + stress-free trip.

    xo Love you.