Friday, September 13, 2013

{ Five Minute Friday: Mercy }

The thing about mercy is--I often don't know what it looks like. I know what I think it should be.

Certainly not closing on "our" house two days after we're supposed to move.

Certainly not staying at the house of dear friends {who are out of town and have offered their home to us} if we actually don't have a house to move into when we need to move out of our condo.

Certainly not emptying and cleaning our little nest for the renters who are moving in next week, while not knowing where we will live.

Yet I know all these things are mercies.

I don't know why things are appear to be working out so that our timing is just off enough that we may be semi-homeless for a few days. I don't know why it's taken so long for all this real estate/financing stuff to happen, why there have been unexpected curveballs thrown our way at the last minute and why we are questioning Should we even buy this house???

I do know that Jesus knows why all these things have happened and are happening. He alone sees all our lives, the beautiful tapestry that is all our stories being woven together, one day at a time. By His mercy, I am resting in His mercy that undergirds all the unknowns and seeming wrenches that have been thrown in our path. I know that this all works together for His glory and our good.

It's just that our good--and His glory--is turning out to look different than I expected. And that's okay, because I don't know the whole story. Only He can see how everything--everything--unfolds.


  1. Well put. God always sees us through trials and they make more sense on the other side, I just wish I were better at trusting him in the "before" and "during" part. Your testimony is inspiring. Praying for you, my friend.

  2. Good perspective! Moving can be an emotional time, and home buying issues rarely go as planned. Friends and family are life-savers when in the semi-homeless state, it is amazing how they can hold you up in uncertain times. Praying for peace in the unknowns, and confidence as you move ahead :)

  3. OH LOVE HOW YOU SAID- Only He can see how everything unfolds. Amazing! Loved your FMF