Monday, July 18, 2011

{ Two Years }

Two years ago...

a boy and a girl got married.

Here, at the Monte Cristo Hotel.

~ praying just before the ceremony ~

She danced with her daddy,

 He danced with his mama,

and together they danced to a Sinatra/Big & Rich medley that involved a cowboy hat and the first half of "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy."
There was much love, much laughter, and much joy.
That wasn't the was only the beginning.

I love you forever, Mike...thank you for making me your wife.
Happy Two Years!


  1. Nikki! This is the first time I've been able to comment on your blog... happy day! So happy for you and Mike to be spending this beautiful milestone in Hawaii. I'm only WAY jealous :) What beautiful memories seeing wedding pictures again. It was such a beautiful day and I loved every minute of being there sharing in it with you.
    Happy Anniversary

  2. Happy, happy anniversary to you two on-vacay-in- sunny-Kauai-lovebirds...How wonderful + special it has been for us to get to watch Jesus unfold + write your love story. It's a beautiful one. And in particular this day two years reliving it all over again in this post.

  3. LOVED this post...beautiful! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple! May you have many happy years together :)