Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{ Thanks }

I'm overwhelmed with thankfulness. With the goodness of a good God in raining--pouring--lavishing so much good on those I love.

Monday was a series of conversations with several dear-to-my-heart people, each sharing with me beautiful new news, start to finish good news--joy--thanks.

new baby

possibility of a new job

another dear one getting a job

new house closing a month early

All so unexpected!! I was delightfully surprised with the joy of conversation #1.....ecstatic over conversation #2....and by conversation #3, I was thinking, "Who's next? What's next? This is the most delightful day!"

Thank you, Jesus. It's been a pleasure glimpsing just the littlest smidgen of joy that pours forth from You, as You shower humanity with Your undeserved, all-beautiful love. Thank you.


  1. Great to hear good news, God is good :)

  2. How are ya, girlie? You've sure been quiet lately! I hope its the good, happy-busy kind of quiet. :)