Thursday, August 5, 2010

{ Summertime }

Deary me, it's been a few weeks since my last post, and I really did mean to start posting more regularly! What happened? Summertime, that's what. Though sunshine and warm temperatures have been optional features for most of our "summer," Mike and I have managed to keep ourselves busy busy busy.

And though I have the best of intentions tonight, it's already 9:25 pm and I have to be at work by 7:30 tomorrow morning...and after work I have to high-tail it home to pack, go grocery shopping, and then we're hitting the road for an overnight camping trip east of the mountains with some friends of Mike's childhood friends. It's only one night, but people!!! I HAVE NEVER TENT CAMPED BEFORE!!!! All my "camping" experiences involve RVs, access to at least a minimal amount of running water, semi-decent toilets, and sleeping in a structure. Something that is more bear-proof than nylon {or whatever they make tents of these days}. Point is, I have never slept in a tent, gotten up the next morning, and presented my frightful Curly Bedhead to the public. I don't know what will happen to my skeletal system after sleeping on the ground; I'm not nearly as physically resilient as I used to be. If I wake up with my body stuck in contortions similar to those of my post-sleep hair, we will be in deep trouble indeedy.

In short, I have realized that though I grew up in deep rural Idaho, I don't know how to tent camp.

In other news, we've been going to lots of barbecues. Do you spell it barbecue, barbeque, bar-b-q, or BBQ? I never know which is correct, though when I see "barbeque" I always hear "barbekee" or "barbekay" in my head, which is annoying. One weekend, we went to a barbecue on Friday night, another on Saturday {late--after we'd already had steak for dinner. Mike thought he'd died and gone to heaven, having two steak dinners in a four-hour period!}, and a third on Sunday. Lots of work and church functions and our newest Hulu addiction, "America's Got Talent." Very Important Note: Go to YouTube and watch Future Funk, Ascendance, Haspop, and Defying Gravity right now if you haven't seen them already! Amazing talent!!

I'll leave you with a couple photos from our dreamy anniversary getaway to Lopez Island. It was a lovely, lovely weekend!

On the ferry to Lopez Island--soooo thankful to finally be underway, after 6+ hours of waiting in line!

A pastoral scene from our bicycling adventure. Love the fog creeping in on the shore!

Mike has gas.


  1. We spell it 'barbeque' here in Oz although my dictionary spells it first with a c and footnotes it spelt with a q .. weird :)

    Especially when we quite clearly chuck some snags on the barbie... :D

    Sounds like your having a lovely fun and busy summertime! and I can't belive you have never tent camped before - I hope you have a ball body concortions and all!

  2. Have fun camping! It really is great once you get used to it - it's like living outside. Especially dreamy if you have a little window panel on top to peek at stars :) Neal and I use a huge self inflating air-matress to avoid the contortions!

  3. Oh my! Where have I been? I've missed out on a few posts! Sounds like you are having a really fun summer and actually doing things! Way to go for going tent camping! I'm more of a running water, shower in the morning and real toilet lover myself. Your paint colors look great too! What a lot of work that must have been..high ceilings and all! And your little vacay looks heavenly...I want one! Have a good weekend!