Saturday, July 3, 2010

{ A List, and a Request for Forgiveness }

1. In 15 days, Mike and I will celebrate one year since we became Mr. + Mrs.
2. I can't believe how rapidly twelve months have sped by! Didn't we just get married? A couple of months ago? It cannot possibly be one year...not yet.
3. How long does one consider a couple to be newlyweds? I vote for three years.
4. I'm on-call for the entirety of this three-day weekend, and praise the Lord, I haven't had to go to work yet!!
5. Apparently pressure makes me more productive: I've gotten so much done between last night and right now.
6. I kid you not, as I typed the last sentence, my pager beeped. I'm off to work!
7. Pioneer Woman, I sincerely apologize for not making your buttered rosemary rolls in a cast-iron skillet as your recipe directs. I don't have a cast iron skillet. I also have no self-control. My six rosemary rolls came out of the oven less than an hour ago, and I've eaten five of them. No joke. They are deee-lish-ous!!!


  1. Happy almost 1 year :)
    Yesterday M and I celebrated our being engaged for one year. crazy how time flies!

    and umm yum! those rolls look delicious I can see why you've eaten so many already! :D

  2. Found your sweet spot from Chelle's :) My hubby and I celebrate one year this month too! And I certainly think 3 years is a totally acceptable time to be considered newly-weds ;)

  3. must.make.those.
    Thankfully I have a cast iron skillet and I will remember to double the recipe because apparently, 6 is not enough for 2 people, let alone 4. ;)